About Kalakari

Welcome to Kalakari, a brand that emerged in 2020 with a mission to create a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle. We use hand block prints as a symbol of our heritage towards the elegance and beauty of handcraft and its artisans. All of our products have a unique story to tell, from the fabric to its printing to the fully formed product.

We are proud to represent Kalakari on a national platform throughout India. Our brand is a true supporter of handcraft and sustainability, and we solely support art as a mode of communication used by the artist to create awareness of the exterminating art. We also promote women empowerment by supporting and promoting them.

Our entire collection is inspired by our surroundings, from the fabric we use to the prints. At Kalakari, we offer a wide range of products that cater to the entire family and sweet home. Our goal is to provide the comfort you need, without compromising on quality or style.

Our brand's ideology behind the concept of sustainability is to create awareness about the befouled environment and the harm it’s causing to future generations. We not only support artisans but also help them make an identity and bring up the fading art.

Thank you for choosing Kalakari. We hope our products bring joy and comfort to your life while supporting the cause of sustainability and handcraft

KalaKari - Lifestyle Brand

kalakari is a homegrown lifestyle brand that focuses on bringing indian handicrafts to your homes. The local artisans help us bring tradional and modern designs in most unique ways to create stunning products that cater to all of us.

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